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The archive is a home for all German songs. Songs in various themes and from many centuries are included. Many represent very different ideals of the world and of God - but all of them have grown out of their time and were enthusiastically felt by their creators and singers. Some are out of place today and are no longer felt by a changed world and attitude, but all of them have a place in the archive.

When you have located the song(s) you want, simply click on the song title and it will automatically be placed on the order form. Please follow all directions on this form and I will then send you a pdf file of your requests asap - free of charge!

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This is the place to make a donation to the archive via PayPal, should you be so inclined. Ordering songs will of course remain free of charge.

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  Evening songs Religious songs and Yule songs For piano  
  Children songs Dance / playsongs For guitar  
  Soldier / patriotic songs Multi-staff arrangement For accordion  
  Ballads 2 voices Other instruments  
  Canons 3 voices Historic details  
  German Youth Movement 4 or more voices Chords  
  Search mode: Include censored songs    

Neither lyrics nor notations are stored in this databank. That would, in many cases, violate copyrights. Instead, detailed content listings of all song books in the archive are found here. All songs are listed by their first text-line. In addition songs can be sorted according to themes, composers, poets, centuries and many other searchable criteria such as if an arrangement is available for a certain song.

By means of the search functions in this databank it is not only possible to search for any of titles contained in sourcebooks but also for groups of songs related by theme or created by specific composers or poets.

Because of the legal situation in Germany today, it is necessary to adhere to the 'Conditions of Use' when ordering material from the song category 'Soldier / Patriotic'. These conditions will automatically appear should songs in this category be present in your order. They must be accepted before your order can be sent.


To request a song, click on the song title in the search results.
Only in this way can songs be ordered.

Explanations of a few search criteria:

  • Arrangement - This term means that the song has more than one staff sytem. It may be composed for voice or instruments. A song search for multiple voices - without having clicked on 'Arrangements' - will result for the most part in pieces with only one staff system. Arrangements for multiple voices are, for the greater part, written for voice and not instruments.
  • For various instruments - This search criteria locates songs that can be played on a variety of instruments.
  • Historic details - By also clicking on this item in a search, those songs for which background information is present are found.
  • Click here for search hints